Manaresi Controluce

Controluce / new label design for Manaresi winery Vinitaly International Packaging Competition: Gold Medal

A brand new label for Manaresi 5th wine
After a big success of the first 3 years with the 4 wines series of Manaresi, the winery has its 5th wine. 
Controluce is an important wine made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the only one aged in oak barrels.
It was a big challenge for us to decide how this label should look. 
We decided to base on one of Paolo Manaresi paintings (Self portrait-backlight, 1929), and by that give another expression to his art within the visual of the winery. 
We searched to create a label that stands out and on her own, while fitting together with the first series of Manaresis' labels. We used the same approach of no front and back, just one unique label that rolls around the bottle. This time we chose an uncoated paper and tinted it with a soft gradient, which gives the right contrast to the silhouette cut of the label.
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